Sialoendoscopy –Newer frontiers in minimally invasive ENT treatments

New technology aiming to visualize the lumen of the salivary ducts and Treat various inflammatory and obstructive pathologiesSialoendoscopy involves the use of miniature endoscopes to enter the small ducts of the salivary system in search of disease Flexible endoscopes which are 0.75 – 1mm in diameter are used. After dilating the passage of the salivary duct, these scopes are passed in .One by one many ducts can be examined.

What are the procedures possible using this technique?

    1. Diagnostic scopy to examine the ducts
    2. Washes t oremove sludge and mucus plugs
    3. Stone removal
    4. Dilation of duct strictures
    5. Biopsies of the gland

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