Tendon transfer surgery, puts commander from Yemen back on his feet

Mr. Mohammed Saeed Ahmed from Yemen is a 42-year-old man who is the principal of the local high school.  He was a history teacher prior to his appointment as the headmaster.  He became the commander of the people in Yemen when the Civil War broke out in Yemen in 2015. The Yemeni Civil War is an ongoing conflict that began in 2015 between two factions claiming to constitute the Yemen government, along with their supporters and allies. Mr. Ahmed helped the people of his town defend their land acquisitions and it was during the process that he was shot in the spine.  He was bound to a wheel chair and was unable to undergo treatment because of the ongoing war in the country. 

He came to India in the hopes for treatment in 2016 and visited two top hospitals in India, both of whom were speculative in treating his condition effectively.  He came to Sakra Premium Clinic in the month of September 2016 and post consultation with Surgeons team at Sakra Premium Clinic lead by Dr. Maheswarappa B.M. Head of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine along with Dr Derick Mendonca, Head of Plastic Surgery, he was reassured of the treatment.  Post his surgery on the 9th of September, Mr. Ahmed underwent extensive physiotherapy sessions which has now enabled him to walk on his own once again. 

Mr. Ahmed is extremely grateful to the doctors, nurses, and staff at Sakra Hospital for the constant support and care during his treatment.  He speaks highly of the international patients’ cell of the hospital, for helping him with translators which made caregiving simpler. 

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