Why do full knee replacement when partial knee replacement is good enough

Only 7 Computer Navigated Partial Knee Replacement Surgeries have been performed till date in India and Sakra Premium Clinic is the first in South India and the only hospital other than AIIMS, Delhi to use this novel technique for treatment

India is currently the second largest hub of osteoarthritis in the world.  The number of patients in India is estimated to touch 60 million people nationally by the year 2025 and to become the world capital of osteoarthritis commonly known as wear and tear disease.  About 20 years ago, the condition was noted to affect only those above the age of 65, but as per various studies today it is diagnosed in patients between the age group of 35-55.

Osteoarthritis in severe conditions results in complete disability of the knee and can leave the person bed ridden.  Traditionally, the first step of treatment was to administer the patient with strong dose of pain killers to relive the pain temporarily.  If the pain was not relieved even post medication and physiotherapy the only option was to undergo Total Knee Replacement Surgery.  It is estimated that only 10% of Indians undergo TKR procedure due to the fear of late recovery and post recovery pain.

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